What is a Lipoma? 

A lipoma is round or oval-shaped harmless, soft, fatty lump which grows under the skin. People of any age can develop them, however, it is less common to see them on children. They are non-cancerous (benign) overgrowths made up of fat cells.


Why should you get a Lipoma checked? 

Whilst they are harmless, with any lump on the skin it is extremely important to get it any changes to your skin checked by a professional to diagnose the lump correctly.

Although benign, they may become uncomfortable when wearing certain clothing and some people may request for them to be removed for cosmetic reasons.

Lipomas can grow in size over time, to avoid larger scarring we would always recommend having them removed at the earliest stage to ensure scarring is minimal. The longer that they are left untreated the larger they will grow and the more uncomfortable it will become.

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