Hip Pain, Lower back pain and poor posture can commonly be aggravated by your foot position. Feet which tend to roll inwards will cause your centre of gravity to tilt forwards resulting in muscular tightness and alteration over time of the curvature of the lumbar spine, in turn causing compensation in other areas of the spine, leading to muscle imbalance and postural instability.

How to correct posture to relieve low back pain and hip pain

Orthotics correct body posture by controlling the excessive rolling in of your foot, together with rehabilitation with your Chiropractor and core stability exercises will help to stabilise and reduce low back symptoms.

To ensure correct alignment and better posture, our chiropractor examines the entire body – head to toe. This is beneficial as it allows the root of the issue to be discovered and diagnosed, rather than the symptom of back pain being treated.

Low Back Pain and Hip Pain

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