Our services include a gp service for sports injuries, If you seem to have been doing sports and noticed that you are in pain when you walk or you have pain in a part of your body we can help you now. No need for long waiting lists to see someone, we also have x ray facilities and a ultrasound service , we also have the facility for injection therapy.

Injection therapy helps with a number of conditions, Ultrasound guided injections can help with severe knee pain, which could be a tear or an injury from a sport. Shoulder pain can also be helped with our injection service. Why do we have ultrasound services? Ultrasound helps practitioners visualise, changes /differences in function within a structure or organ. Ultrasound can also be used for muscle and ligament injuries Ultrasound can also be used in the assessment of nerve impingement , we also can check whether  a body part is healing , Diagnostics through ultrasound can confirm areas of swelling

Ultrasound can also help measure bone density and help detect pinched nerves.

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