What is a nail avulsion?

A medical partial nail avulsion is the removal of a segment of the nail which causing the problem through surgery, followed by chemically destroying the nail plate.

Due to local anaesthetic, it is a painless process that prevents the nail from re-growing in the problem area.

When is a nail avulsion necessary?

Patients who suffer with ingrowing or involuted toenails are usually recommended the nail avulsion to remove the pain and prevent it from reoccurring. However, some clients who have a damaged nail bed due to a fungal nail infection or trauma may also undergo this procedure.

How do I book in for this procedure?

You can self refer yourself for this treatment by calling the clinic on 0113 2900 310 or emailing us at thelawrenceclinic@btconnect.com.

We require you to attend an initial consultation to allow our podiatrist to assess the affected area prior your surgery. However, the assessment can be booked in on the same day as the surgery if urgent.

Yorkshire Foot Hospital is part of The Lawrence Clinic Group.

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