Lesser toe surgery is of benefit to patients who suffer with mal-alignment of the lesser toes, or who have corns and callouses aggravated by footwear.

What surgeries can you perform?

Hammertoe – This is a condition when your toe curls down and over due to ill-fitting shoes or arthritis. It is treatable through straightening surgery.

Claw toe – This is a similar condition to hammer toe, but wherein multiple toes curls down rather than one toe. This is mainly due to continuously wearing ill-fitting shoes or high heels. It is treatable through straightening surgery.

Mallet toe – This condition occurs when your toe begins to bend at the second joint, known as the distal interphalangeal. This occurs when the muscle becomes tight, causing the toe to lift and turn. It is treatable through straightening surgery.

What should you expect with your toe surgery?

  • The foot surgery is nearly always carried out under local anaesthetic.
  • Surgery is able to correct digits and aims to remove the pressure sites and corns.
  • Most cases DO NOT require walking casts.
  • Patients can usually return to most normal activities including work after 4-6 weeks.
  • Improves choice and comfort in footwear.

How do I book in my surgery?

Simply call the clinic, or send us an email at thelawrenceclinic@btconnect.com and talk to our reception team!

They will be able to book you an initial consultation with one of our consultant podiatric surgeons. This session lasts 40 minutes. In the appointment, they will examine your feet and toes and discuss the potential treatment pathways with you (including surgery).

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