How will bunions / hallux valgus affect me?

Hallux valgus affecting the big toe joint causes pain, footwear discomfort, deformity, and if left untreated it is generally progressive which can potentially lead to joint destruction, reconstruction is best undertaken prior to the joint becoming damaged and pain severe.

Is bunion surgery the best option for me?

As every person has a different situation, you would require an initial consultation with one of our consultant podiatric surgeons. They will be able to examine your bunion and discuss which treatment plan would be best for you. These appointments typically last 40 minutes.

Bunion Surgery undertaken in Leeds at The Lawrence Clinic is:

  • Always carried out under local anaesthetic, reducing health risks with general anaesthesia.
  • Most cases DO NOT require walking casts, reducing recovery time with patients usually back onto their feet and into a pair of trainers 2 weeks after surgery.
  • Patients can usually return to most normal activities including work after 6 – 8 weeks.
  • Surgical techniques for Bunion Surgery at The Lawrence Clinic improves choice and comfort in footwear.
before bunion surgery
Before surgery:
after bunion surgery
After surgery:

If you are struggling with a painful or unsightly bunion, our team of podiatric surgeons can help you today!

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