What is nail surgery?

Nail surgery is the partial or complete removal of a toenail, this procedure is done under a local anaesthetic. A chemical solution is added to prevent nail regrowth. Ingrowing toenail surgery is a common condition we treat on a daily basis.

When is nail surgery considered?

If you are struggling with a painful and problematic ingrowing toenail or involuted nail that cannot be taken care of through regular chiropody visits – we recommend surgical intervention.

In special cases, the procedure is offered to those who have had their nail bed damaged due to a chronic fungal infection.

What happens in a nail surgery appointment?

You will be taken in to the treatment room with our podiatrist for him to discuss the procedure and sign paperwork.

After this, he will re-assess your affected toe.

You will provided with a local anaesthetic injection to numb the toe for the surgery.

As this can taken up to 10 minutes, you will be released while the podiatrist prepares the theatre.

Once the anaesthetic has taken hold, you will be brought into our theatre suite for the surgery.

If you are undergoing a partial nail avulsion, the problem nail tissue will be removed with special tools. You can be shown the “spike” that is removed and was causing the pain if requested.

Next, a chemical solution will be carefully added to the affected area. This will prevent the nail bed from re-growing in the same place, removing the risk of it reoccurring.

Your toe will be dressed appropriately and you will be given care advice.

We will book you in for a redressing appointment to check how you are healing.

Ingrowing toenail cost ? call the clinic for more information.

This treatment can be performed by our lead podiatrist, Jonathan Stanley or our chiropodist, Emer McConomy.

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