At The Lawrence clinic we offer professional Hypnotherapy services to help patients achieve the best outcome for their welfare, whether it be home or work life or balancing your day to day, Our service is run by Helen Marshall who is dedicated to providing personalised and effective treatment for our clients.

What types of problems do we deal with ?

fear and Anxiety or Phobias , we can assist in identifying the root causes of your fears, hypnotherapy helps you reframe your thoughts and how you respond to them.

Our Hypnotherapy sessions will help you with relaxation techniques and help you overcome the anxiety state.

If you suffer from anxiety induced sleep problems Hypnotherapy can help together with counselling services in a combined approach to help you get a better sleep .

Hypnotherapy can be used as a tool to quit smoking, reduce overeating and help people overcome addictive behaviours.

Hypnotherapy helps with personal development including confidence building and helping patients to focus on the here and now.

At the Lawrence clinic we are like one big family, and we strive to create a safe and supportive environment for your counselling or Hypnotherapy journey .Make positive changes now, call and schedule an appointment today to discuss at a Free assessment how you can benefit from our service.