We now have the availability of Counselling services, Our counselling service is run by Helen Marshall who is a Pluralistic Counsellor who is available on Mondays, Helen offers a 20 minute phone consultation prior to seeing a client, bookings are 50 minute appointments Helen is available between 10am and 7pm .

What type of Counselling do we offer, Pluralistic counselling services :

What is Pluralistic counselling ?

Pluralistic counselling is an approach to therapy that emphasizes collaboration and flexibility in meeting the unique needs and preferences of clients, It recognizes that individuals have certain goals and different values of beliefs, there is a no one – size fits all approach to counselling

In pluralistic counselling the therapist can work with the client to explore various therapeutic techniques techniques,theories and interventions. The goal is to create a tailored and personalized approach that best suits the clients needs and preferences. and opinions regarding the counselling process.

Helen Marshall offers different levels of support and intervention. It allows for a flexible and adaptable approach, The practitioner uses different types of techniques to address a clients concerns in the most effective way.

Helen Marshall strives to offer something different to get the best possible care to the clients needs.

Techniques that can be used during treatment, Hypnotherapy, person centred dynamics, CBT, Mindfulness

special interests

Low self esteem

Bereavement counselling

Loss of a loved one

relationship counselling

family counselling

Anxiety service

childbirth trauma

anxiety pre birth

Menopause anxiety

Other services we offer is Hypnotherapy services and Psychotherapy services.